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Dear businessman

Investing your capital, the result of sacrifices, is an important decision and at the same time must reflect and satisfy the realization of what can be a “dream in the drawer”.

The professionalism required by the entire operation, but also the competence, precision, safety and overall transparency of the various steps, in a corporate – corporate operation, are crucial for its success.

The do-it-yourself approach, the direct approach between entrepreneurs, and the mere interfacing of the professionals of the respective parties is not recommended.

Our preparation in business matters, in addition to the various professional qualifications, is the result of over twenty years of direct entrepreneurial experience. This is now made available through the services rendered in order to be able to package the solutions closest to our client entrepreneur, or future entrepreneur.

Some solutions:

– Company including Know how;
– Company where training course is provided (no coaching);
– Capital partner (investment without employment);
– Capital / operational partner investment with employment (figure with specific requirements);
– Investment to diversify (companies with pre-set structure);
– Investment for the use of family members;
– Income business investment (companies currently rented out).
– Income corporate real estate investment (corporate real estate complex currently leased).

For those wishing to start their own business not yet having a precise idea, but with the security of decreasing the business risk as much as possible, Franchising today represents the safest choice.