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We are a company specialized in the purchase and sale of companies in various sectors (Hotel – Extra Hotel – Tourism – Artisan – Industrial – Agricultural – Nautical – Commercial), real estate complexes (Business – Commercial) to Income, Public businesses – Professional Studies – Partner search – Development Start Up – establishment and development of Franchising.

Our preparation in business matters, in addition to the various professional qualifications, is the result of over twenty years of direct entrepreneurial experience. This allows us to have an operating structure as an agency that goes beyond the ordinary activity carried out by normal real estate agencies.


It is our priority to carry out a specific evaluation of the Company with the aim of packaging a correct proposal to be placed on the market, which takes into account the trend of the latter at that given moment, in consideration of the peculiarities and the sector to which it belongs. company itself.

It is our priority to interact and agree, with the professionals who deal with the company in question (Accountant, Consultant, Taxist), the tax part in order to obtain the best economic result.

It is our priority to propose sales strategies, according to the objectives that you want to achieve in terms of realization and timing.

It is our priority to conduct the operation, from acquisition to publication including the negotiation phase, in a confidential manner thus safeguarding the relationships that the company and / or business has with its interlocutors (banks, suppliers, employees, customers, competitors). Company know-how included.


Our services are made and usable throughout the national territory, including the countries of the Eurozone.


– Presentation of agency services, identify needs, agree on possible solutions and related costs.

Pre-commissioning consultancy:

– Acquisition of information relating to the operation, the needs of the entrepreneur / s and / or properties / re, related objectives to be assessed and achieved.

Professional assignment:

The professional task in the decision-making phase gives the entrepreneur / owner the possibility, through the drafting of the file, to be able to evaluate the overall parameters of the company, and / or operation, and related strategies that they would like to propose in advance on the market.

The professional assignment is not tied to the brokerage assignment.

Brokerage assignment:

The EXCLUSIVE renewable fixed-term assignment has been designed to be a shared path aimed at supporting the needs of the entrepreneur and / or the customer, not representing an obstacle with respect to the corporate / entrepreneurial objectives.
The period of the assignment may be agreed on the basis of the needs and / or type of company or operation.

It Includes:

– Determination of company value and / or operation, parameters and related strategies to be proposed on the market
– Creation of the insertion and insertion on the various portals.
– Practical editorial