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Surface: 450000 mq


ITALY – Sardinia – Ogliastra (OG), Agricultural Company/ Wild Boar Breeding with over twenty years of operation, the only one in the region.


The company covers a total area of approx. 450,000 m2, buildings of various sizes and/or types/use destinations for c.a. 1400 m2, including the manor house.

The company was set up, organized and authorized (specific authorizations) for the breeding of wild boars and their relative slaughter, aimed at the production and marketing of fresh meat.


Operational departments;

-Slaughter Department.

-Transformation department / Sausage factory.

– Packaging department.

-Feed mill.


The marketed products are distributed at a regional level as required by current regulations.

Possibility of further EXPANSION / DIVERSIFICATION, starting from the breeding of additional animal species.

The possibility of extending the authorization for “THIRD PARTY SLAUGHTERING” is currently being investigated.

THE OPERATING STRUCTURE of the company makes the INVESTMENT interesting ALSO for ENTREPRENEURS not in the sector who wish to DIVERSIFY.


EXPECTED: THEORETICAL/PRACTICAL COACHING aimed at the Transfer of the Company KNOW – HOW in an EXCLUSIVE form!.

We propose N.S. EXCLUSIVE Sale of company + Entire real estate / business complex.





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